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We are open to all comers and you do not need expensive equipment to improve the quality of the images you take.

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About the APS

Here are some of the responses to a recent survey of APS members conducted by the Society’s Management Committee:

I really value the society I live in a small town that has no camera club of its own and I am unable to travel to neighbouring towns to attend their camera clubs.

The society  is the only contact I have with fellow enthusiasts and provides a genuine forum for discussion and competition.

I am very impressed by the help provided in general and by your mentor system.

I have found membership, and especially attending MEETINGS  very
beneficial, along with being in the various groups.

Overall, joining a society  has been a great help to my progress in photography.

I have just completed the slide appraisal course and found It very useful. I have been more satisfied that I’m getting something out of aps since joining a folio.

Networking opportunities are excellent with APS and folio groups. This is an aspect of BEPS I value highly.

BEPS can help you improve your photography, increase your level of satisfaction and achievement with your images, and make lasting friendships with other photographers throughout KILDARE. All that is required is that you take two steps; the first, Joining the Society; the second, Becoming Involved in what we have to offer.

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